User Level Checkpointing - psncLibCkpt library

The basic mechanism (allowing to save and restore process address space) has been adopted from the libckpt library. The majority of our work focused on increasing the scope of saved and restored system objects compared to the existing solutions. The most important features of the psncLibCkpt library are:
  • support for multi-process programs,
  • ability to restore System V IPC objects,
  • restoring private segments of shared libraries,
  • restoring the signal actions,
  • restoring and support for open files (including content restoring).

The library is developed as a 32-bit static library. It is designed for linking against C programs. The aggregated size of text, data, heap and stack segments can be up to 2047MB.

The presentation published at Sun Microsystems HPC Consortium Meeting Phoenix November 2003.

How to download

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  • Precompiled package - ready to link with your application: psnclibckpt-0.1-bin.tar [745 KB]
  • Source code of the library - must be compiled before linking psnclibckpt-0.1-src.tar [412 KB]